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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Sometimes, The Truth Hurts (If The Real World Worked. . . )

Uber-Tech: Why don't people want us to do our jobs? 
CP: Oh, they want us to do our jobs. They just expect us to do them while altering the laws of time and physics. 
UT: I'll rephrase. Why don't people want to give us the necessary time to perform our jobs? 
CP: Your example, please? 
One Needing Expedient Rush Of Usual Service: I just left the office. How long?
UT: Okay. They just sent it. That'll be about 20 minutes. 
ONEROUS: What? Really?
UT: Yes. Really, really. 
ONEROUS: I waited there for hours and now I have to wait here?
UT: You waited as long as was necessary for them to do their job, correct?
UT: Well, I am sure they appreciated that. Your prescriber and office had time and did their job. Now I need time to do mine. 

CP: Nice example. 
UT: Thanks. I get it from working with you. 
CP: I can imagine this another way as well. In a checkout line at a local retailer, you see lots of people in front of you. Pharmacy patients would be expecting to just walk to the front and check out. 
UT: The difference is, in this scenario, those in the standing queue can see the "work" waiting in front of them. 
CP: Whereas in the pharmacy, they can't see the queue in our computer. Nice. 
UT: I got that from our Disney discussions. 
CP: Speaking of, have you read about how they innovated the switchback queue and different staging areas to distract crowds from the boredom of standing in line?
UT: I think we need those in the pharmacy. We could start them outside. 
CP: As long as we get the time to do our jobs. I'm going to have to use that next time. "Your office was allowed time to do their jobs, now allow me the time necessary to do mine."


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