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Monday, November 9, 2020

Empty Returns

How do you return something to stock if you don't physically have the product? I had a tech who, when she couldn't find the prescription to return, would just delete it. Worse, she would cancel a prescription without pulling it from the will call bin. I have seen this happen at every pharmacy where I have worked.
Occasionally the misfiled bag will be discovered hiding in another bin weeks or months later but ofttimes it has been sold.
I'm going to try that at Best Buy and Target.
CP: I am here to return my purchase.
Blue Shirt: Okay. Was there a problem?
CP: This 70" TV I purchased was too small. It didn't fill the space.
BS: Okay. Um, where is the TV?
CP: Right here <sweeps arm around>
BS: I don't see a TV.
CP: It's okay. You can just return it and give me back my money.
BS: Do you have the receipt?
CP: No. Can't you just look it up?
BS: Do you have your rewards card?
CP: No.
BS: Oh. Okay then. Here's $800.00 cash. Have a good day.

Essentially, that IS what we are doing.

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