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Friday, December 27, 2019

Lame Pharmacy Jokes, Again

Insulin Using Dude: I need to get my diabetic stuff refilled.
CP: Ok. What do you need? 
IUD: My supplies. 
CP: Needles? Strips? Lancets? 
IUD: I think so. I'm not sure. 
CP: Ok. I'll get it all ready. Your copay total will be $175.00. 
IUD: That's a lot. 
CP: Do you need insulin? 
IUD: No. I have some left. I really can't afford all of those today. 
CP: Well I can't choose for you. What are you currently out of? 
IUD: I have enough insulin for the weekend but I need the needles to make it work. I can't take it all right now. 
CP: Got it. You can't take it all right now. So. . . 
IUD: So what? 
CP: Just the tips?

Uber-Intern: That was so wrong.
CP: I know.
UI: What's really phunny is that people won't believe you actually had this conversation recently.
CP: It's phunnier because it's true.
UI: Another phor your "lame joke" file, I assume.
CP: Indeed. 

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