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Monday, December 2, 2019

Boss Woman

CP's Partner: Did you listen to last month's conference call?
CP: I heard it, but I did not listen to it.
CPP: Did you hear Boss Lady Orating Words Making Excuses?
CP: I try to tune her out. If she says something important, I tell the techs to say BLOWME is calling on you. What did BLOWME say this time?
CPP: She issued one of her more contradictory statements to date.
CP: Do tell.
CPP: You know how we continue to lose hours and we can't seem to get ahead and our complaints are on the rise?
CP: Nope. Hadn't noticed. But please, continue for the others.
CPP: She said "I'm tired of hearing about staff and hour shortages".
CP: Please tell me someone said "Good! I'm tired of answering to patients about why we are behind, BLOWME. It's about time you finally did something about it!"
CPP: Alas, no one did. You really need to pay attention to these calls.
CP: Can't wait to see what next month's call is about. She reduced our staff budget by 33% during the holiday week and 10% for the week after. Our volume will not go down by the same amount just because some corporate pencil pusher thinks it will. I have yet to work a Thanksgiving week that fills 33% fewer prescriptions than a normal week.
CPP: Yeah. And let's not forget that the Monday after Thanksgiving is often one of the busiest days of the year. Good time to make cuts.
CP: Maybe they forgot the holiday is the very end of the month? Or that the following Monday, it's the first of the month?
CPP: <so cash your checks and get up!> This is how they contribute to their Christmas Club fund at corporate.
CP: Oh well, next time BLOWME decides to tell me she doesn't want to hear it, expecting it to just go away, I will remind her she can't just put her fingers in her ears, close her eyes, and mutter "lalalalalalalalalalalalala"and everything will get better. In fact, I will probably say, BLOWME, if you can ignore that which you no longer wish to hear, then I no longer wish to hear you complain about my performance, so I too will employ your tactics and ignore them. You're such a good leader, BLOWME, that you have taught me how to be a better boss in my own store so, BLOWME, I shall follow your example. Good day, BLOWME!

To quote a favourite author of mine, Caitlin Doughty, "But it's also reality, and reality doesn't change just because you don't like it."

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