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Friday, December 27, 2019

Big Shoulders

CP: I see that we received a new Rx for DAGWOOD for his Lexapro 10mg.
Uber-Tech: Yeah. He called the other day looking for it.
CP: I'll have to counsel him. It appears as if they changed him from his previous fill of 20mg. I wonder if they're tapering him off it, replacing it eventually, or adding something new.
UT: I'll let you know when he arrives.

Deserved Aged Guy Wanting Of One's Drugs: I am here to retrieve my new Rx.
UT: Sure thing. CP has a question for you.
CP: Your prescriber sent over a new Rx today.
DAGWOOD: I know! I've been waiting for days.
CP: Right. This is for 10mg. Were you expecting a change in dose? You had been receiving the 20mg for months now.
DAGWOOD: Yes. My new Rx is supposed to be for 10mg.
CP: If you have some of the 20mg remaining you may halve them should you choose not to waste them. Or you could hang on to them should you go back to that dose.
DAGWOOD: Thanks.
CP: Enjoy your new 10mg Rx.
DAGWOOD: I will, now that I finally have it.

<phone rings>
CP: Chello?
DAGWOOD: You gave me the wrong ones!
CP: Really?
DAGWOOD: YES! It's supposed to be 20mg.
CP: Ok. Well you'll have to get a new Rx from your prescriber or you can double the 10mg you received earlier today.
DAGWOOD: You should just give me a new bottle for free.
CP: You're cute, and funny. I realise it's Christmas and all but. . . How do you figure?
DAGWOOD: It was your mistake!
CP: <laughs>
DAGWOOD: I fail to find humour in this!
CP: And I fail to find logic in your, um, logic. You received a new Rx with a new dose. We verified the drug, strength, and dosing with you during our consultation at pickup. You verbally replied "yes" to each question; that you knew there was a change made. At what point is this my fault?
DAGWOOD: Why would my doctor change it?
CP: That's why we ask. Typically we don't make your office visits with you. We expect that you actually attend your scheduled appointments, have a discussion with the office, then leave with either an Rx in hand, or assertion that one will be transmitted for you anon.
DAGWOOD: Well what do I do now?
CP: Have your hearing tested. We had a conversation, you and I, during which you actively participated. You then complained your prescriber changed your medication unbeknownst to you. I then explained that you should call your prescriber and that you could double the 10mg Rx you received just hours ago, if you believe the 20mg should be correct. I'm pretty sure the common denominator here is your ears.
DAGWOOD: So you're not giving me more?
CP: No. I have given you all that you need. Merry Christmas!

UT: That was rough.
CP: Yes. After this conversation, I'd swear I was talking to a millennial. They don't know how to find answers. They want to know all the answers, but they don't know what to do with them once they have them and, worse yet, they don't know how to find them unless you directly stick their noses in it.
UT: Bad dog!

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