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Saturday, December 7, 2019

I Saw It On Da Google

CP: Hey Uber-Tech. It's only 9:01 and I don't have a headache yet. Something's amiss.
UT: Wait for it.
<phone rings>
CP: CP's Drug Domicile. This is CP, Drug Dealer Du Jour. How may I help you?
NAME: There's this drug that used to be prescription but now it's OTC. Do you have it?
CP: Can you be a tad more specific?
NAME: You have to ask the pharmacist for it.
CP: I don't have to ask for it. I'm a pharmacist. That would be a weird conversation, me talking with myself.
MYSELF: <ahem!>
ME: <shhhh>
NAME: That's all I know.
CP: Well the list is rather long.
ME: Like these posts.
CP: Pretty much everything in our OTC section was, at one time, a prescription medication. How about a class? Indication? Use?
NAME: It's spelled something like "B" and "U" or "O" or something.
CP: Helpful. Where did you see this product?
NAME: Online. They said you have to ask the pharmacist for it. I remember that.
CP: So you remember what it's for and how to get it, yet, when it comes to the critical part, "Ask the pharmacist for it by name", you can't remember the name?
NAME: You're the pharmacist. I thought you'd know.
CP: Did you happen to see anywhere else you could get it? Or try Amazon? Da Google?
NAME: No. It used to be prescription though.
CP: Do you remember the ingredient?
NAME: Yes. Hyo-Something.
CP: Then why don't you ask your prescriber for that?
NAME: Damn. I never thought of that. She'd do it for me no problem!
CP: Lucky the office has people to answer the phone for her.
MYSELF: Yeah. I feel bad for that secretary.
UT: Need that ibuprofen now?
CP: You mean the former Rx, now OTC, NSAID? Please!

(For the record, after some online research, it turned out to be Buscopan. Available in the UK but not in the US.)

I miss the old commercials that told people to "Ask for it by name". Hell, even Meow Mix ran a commercial that said "cats ask for it by name". If your cat can do that, shouldn't you be able as well?


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