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Friday, October 26, 2018

A Note To Grumpy Old Farts Pay Attention - Shingrix

It is now the end of October.
Shingrix has been practically unavailable for 6 months now.
The manufacturer can not make enough to keep up with demand. (Despite original statements they had an 18 month surplus, they burned through all stores in 4 months. Oops.)
I can't get it.
My company can't get it.
He can't get it.
His company can't get it.
She can't get it either.
Neither can her company.

So FFS, please stop blaming the pharmacists for the current situation.
Yes, we actually do know how to order products for our patients.
No, apparently you can't understand what every pharmacist has been telling you for months.
It's not US, it's THEM.

It's a shingles vaccine.
I wish you were as dedicated to getting your flu shot and Tdap as you were for Shingrix.
Remember when we had to twist your arm to sell you on Zostavax? Yeah. What changed?

You know how your family loves your wife's signature dish? Everyone asks her to make it for holidays and events? So let's pretend she's in a coma and can't cook.
You still attend all the events sans dish (and wife).
Everyone keeps asking where her dish is. (They don't care about her, they're hungry. They look forward to this dish every Boxing Day and bris and it's not here.)
Could you have made it? No. Why? She has the recipe in her head and you never bothered to help in the kitchen and learn the dish.
Now everyone gets mad at you.
It's not your fault she's in a coma.
It's not your fault you can't cook her signature dish.
Until she recovers, everyone will have to survive without.

Same goes for you and your Shingrix shot. You'll survive without.
When GSK manages to manufacture enough to meet demand, you'll get it.
Until then, STOP. PISSING. AND. MOANING like a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum.
It's not the pharmacy's fault.
Call GSK.

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