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Monday, October 1, 2018

Doctor Out-Of-Touch

CP: Hello and welcome to CP's Drug Emporium. How may I help you today?
Herr Doctor: I'm a doctor!
CP: Oh shit. Well, as my proctologist always says, relax and it won't hurt as bad.
HD: Huh?
CP: What brings you in today?
HD: I have a dental appointment and need 2 capsules of amoxicillin.
CP: Weird. It's usually 4 capsules but hey, you're a doctor. Are you going to write yourself a prescription?
HD: Huh? No. Why?
CP: Because that's how you get prescription medications; via prescription.
HD: I just need 2 capsules! Why won't you just give them me? I have a bottle of 100 of them at the office I get from McKesson. I have to be at my appointment now and I had to wait 3 months for this appointment!
CP: Wow, doc, you suck at planning. Also, you need to get out more. The world has changed since you graduated. Apparently you skipped the "How the Real World Works" and "Pharmacy, An Introductory Guide" classes and still graduated.
HD: Excuse me?
CP: You're either going to have to write a prescription, then wait while I make a profile for you then fill the prescription, or. . .
CP: Or you're going to have to make that drive to your office then. It looks as if I may be out of Amoxicillin too so your odds aren't good.
HD: This is ridiculous.
CP: Stupid laws. Hate 'em. By the way, where is your office located?
HD: Why?
CP: I'm going to need a physical in the future and figure that, when the urge hit me, I'd just drop by, walk into your office, pass the check in desk, and enter one of your rooms without an appointment. That's how all this works, right?

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