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Friday, October 26, 2018


The next time The Powers That Be solicit ideas for building business (it'll be the first time!), I've prepared my proposal.
A Midway Carnival.

When patients complain that their wait times are too long, what happens? (Correct, bosses cut hours.)
But how do we get the patients to wait patiently and spend more money?
We set up a bunch of booths inside the pharmacy, using pharmacy items, and challenge them to games.

1. The Balloon Dart Throw: Syringes. Step right up and give the kids a few hypodermics and let the good times roll. Employ all the kids asking for syringes for "grandma" and tell them they get to keep the used ones and it's a win-win.

2. The Ring Toss: Patrons will toss vial lids into oversized stock bottles (thinking 1000 ct bottles of Metformin 1000mg or Atorvastatin 80mg).

3. Lite Brite: For the little kids (in all of us) we can set up a giant light wall. The kids will place 60 dram vials in the circular holes over each light and make a pattern. Different colored vials will keep them entertained for seconds on end!

4. Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Doctor: Using pen needles, patients can take out their phrustrations of a long wait on who was really to blame, the doctor's office. Great stress reliever for pharmacy staff as well. (Caricature picture of the prescriber changes hourly/daily.)

5. Knife Throw: Remember those Katana Spatulas I keep making? Spin the wheel and throw the Katana Spatula at the target. Prizes every time!

Think about all the phun everyone will have while waiting for their prescriptions...and all the money they'll spend trying to win the dumb prizes.

Prizes include:
a. Pass to the front of the line on your next visit.
b. 10 minute wait on your next visit.
c. One free argument over your copay.
d. One 3-day supply because you ran out and are going to die.
e. Gift Cards Galore!
f. Pez Dispensers for Prescriptions (one size fits most)

Of course the games will be rigged and no one will win the coveted prizes but, hey, look, your prescriptions are ready!

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