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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Well, You Asked

CP: Welcome to the first of the month during National Pharmacy celebration time, how may I make a post out of this?
Dude Arguing Full Time: What took you so long to answer the phone?
CP: Good question. Please hold while I check.
<waits 3 minutes, 14 seconds>
CP: I asked my tech and she didn't know why it took so long.
DAFT: That's not good enough!
CP: Hold on, let me check with the pharmacist.
<waits 5 minutes, 42 seconds>
CP: Still there?
DAFT: Yes! What's taking so long?
CP: Still trying to get an answer to your first question. BRB
<<waits 7 minutes, 11 seconds>
CP: Thanks for holding. I think I discovered the problem.
DAFT: And?
CP: See, we're really busy, it being the first of the month and all. It's also the first month of the last quarter of the year which means more people getting 90 days to last through 2018; it's peak flu shot month and all the Q-Tips are coming to get theirs since October is to flu shots as Thursday is to Bingo; I only have 1 technician because corporate believes opening a pharmacy on the first Monday of the month requires only 2 warm bodies; I was on the other line while administering a flu shot from 10 paces with my Phlu-Dart 3001 (better range than the PhluDart 2999); my tech was juggling the register, drop-off, and some magic beans while also placing the phone on hold via telekenesis; and the dog ran away with the spoon. So what do you need?
DAFT: I got a text.
CP: Thanks for calling to tell me. Do you call your friends asking if they got the email you sent?
DAFT: No. It said I am due for a refill.
CP: Okay. And?
DAFT: I need it refilled.
CP: You know you could just reply with a smiley face and it will automatically refill it for you, right?
DAFT: Really?
CP: Yes.
DAFT: Can't you fill it for me?
CP: Sure. Please hold. . .

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