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Friday, December 18, 2015

You're the Only One...

Even though we ALL, as a profession, seem to care about our licenses and jobs, there appear to be more and more of us who get questioned about our professionalism. When we call prescribers and their offices, we are accustomed to hearing:
"You're the only pharmacy that gives us a hard time about this".
"No other pharmacy has a problem with how we write these."
"Why is your pharmacy the only one that calls us on this?"
"You're the first pharmacy to tell us this."

This is true across the country. Pharmacists in all cities and all states have shared stories about how they are the "only pharmacy that calls or complains" about a particular office. It's time we reciprocate, in kind.

1. You are the only office that refuses to give us CTP numbers for non-doctor prescribers on phone-ins.
2. Why does your office give us such a hard time when we call and tell you that you cannot sign a fax using an electronic signature?
3. You're the only office that tells me stamped signatures are totally legal in the state (they're not).
4. Why is your office the only one that doesn't accept faxed refill requests?
5. Why is your office the only one that makes the pharmacist fax for patients' refills instead of the patient calling?
6. Why is your office the only one that loses e-scripts they supposedly sent to my pharmacy?
7. Yours is the only office that takes our prior authorization forms and trashes them without reading them and blames us when the patients' medications aren't approved...because you don't take faxes from pharmacies.
8. Why is your office the only one that writes "not our patient" on the faxed refill request, when I am looking at the previous prescription handwritten by the prescriber in the office?
9. Your office is the only one that can't figure out how to approve e-script refill requests and instead denies them, only to send an approval later in the day.
10. Why is your office the only one that knows there is a problem with their e-script software, as you told me 3 pharmacies have called so far today, and you shrug it off as inconsequential?

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