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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


When will pharmacies look to new revenue streams that exist outside insurance company reimbursements? In a capitalistic society, we exist to make money. Pharmacies already utilise ads on receipts and patient leaflets. When are they going to think bigger?
Soccer has team sponsorships on all their jerseys.
Baseball includes ads within the game: "That stolen base was brought to you by Biff's Bail Bondsmen."
Basketball has sponsored timeouts.
Football has everything sponsored, from the coin toss to the two-minute warning.

What about Pharmacy?
1. I'm thinking we need to get sponsors for our white coats. Find a local dry cleaner or national company to sponsor them.
"These white coats kept clean with the power of OxiClean!" I'm not saying we need to go all NASCAR and have clothing that is made up entirely of patches stitched together, but a tasteful patch on the shoulder or chest would look swell.

2. My favourite idea is to team up with an insurance company (not pharmacy related) and some celebrity to sponsor DURs. Every time we complete a Drug Utilization Review, a message would print on the patient's receipt: "This DUR Double Check brought to you by State Farm", with a picture of Aaron Rodgers.

3. Any State Prescription Drug Monitoring Reports that result in the successful arrest of a patient, or even prevention of the filling of a prescription, could be sponsored by Crime Stoppers. Better yet, we could even get McGruff the Crime Dog to pop up on our screens!

4. MTMs could be sponsored by attorneys.
"This consult brought to you by the law firm of Dewey, Screwem, and Howe."

5. Immunizations need love too. Why not a cross-promotion with other companies?
"Today's shot brought to you by Jameson."
"Since you care about your health protection as much as we do about your personal protection, today's vaccination was brought to you by Smith & Wesson".

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  1. Hilarious and insightful as always CP! Loved your latest Drug Topics post as well, btw!