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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More of the Same

CP: Hello! This is CP. Is this Lady Who Sees Bad Prescriber?
LWSBP: Yes. This is She.
CP: Were you aware your prescriber was calling in a new medication today. And that she was requesting DAW for you to get brand?
LWSBP: She was supposed to call in a new prescription, but for the same medication I've always had.
CP: I see. Well this is for Corgard.
LWSBP: I've always taken Propranolol.
CP: Yes. Which is Inderal. Which is why I am calling. I tried to call the office but they are gone.
LWSBP: She looked it up in her little book and said they were the same thing.
CP: Who did?
LWSBP: The Nurse Practitioner.
CP: Your NP researched your medication you have been taking for years, the generic name of which you and she knew, and managed to come up with the wrong answer?
LWSBP: She said it was the same as Inderal. She said Propranolol.
CP: Well this is why I called. I will have to agree with her: they are the same in that they are both beta-blockers. However, that is where the sameness ends. For example, let us suppose you are putting together a fruit tray and you are asked to bring bananas. Going to the store and substituting tomatoes, because they are a fruit, for the bananas is not going to be the same.
LWSBP: So what do we do?
CP: I will call your prescriber and get you your Propranolol.
LWSBP: No tomatoes?
CP: No tomatoes.

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