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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

No Respect

CP: Thank you for calling the Dangerfield Drug Depot, this is CP. How may I help you?
Implacable Little Lady: Why was this so expensive?
CP: Your insurance has this in its highest tier. It's listed on your card that way.
ILL: But why? My doctor told me it wasn't expensive. He said he picked a cheap medication.
CP: Well, he was wrong.
ILL: But he said.
CP: Well, from now on, tell him the CP  told you all your office visits are free. He can't charge you.
ILL: That's not nice of you at all.
CP: How is it not?
ILL: It's not professional.
CP: Neither is your doctor. He's rather overstepping his bounds. As a doctor, especially a specialist in the ophthalmology field, he should know that he is prescribing a brand name drug. If not, he should do more research before he tells people the ins and outs of my job.
ILL: Well he has every right!
CP: I'm sorry? He has every right to do what?
ILL: To tell me if it's expensive.
CP: Why?
ILL: I am within my right to ask him and it's within his right to answer me.
CP: But not with incorrect information. It IS within his right to do research. Even though your most trusted prescriber gave you WRONG information, you are going to vehemently defend his right to provide said information?
ILL: I asked him. It's his right.
CP: No. Not really. It is not within his right to give blatantly wrong information under the guise of professional trust. A better question here would be: If you have such blind faith in professionals, why does his word trump mine? I mean, it's not as if I'm the pharmacist and I have the knowledge about medications and I do this all day.

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