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Monday, March 17, 2014

We Tried, Really We Did

I believe in asking the question you want answered. Regular followers know that about me.
"Do you know what time it is?" is a yes-or-no question. I did not ask for the time so don't give it to me unless I ask for it.

Same goes with patients. When I ask a question, please answer what was asked and answer it correctly to prevent this daily scenario:

Any Caller: Did my doctor call anything in for me yet?
CP: Would that have been today?
AC: I believe so. Yes.
CP: I checked all systems and found nothing for you today.
AC: Okay. I will call them.

<30 minutes later>
AC's Nurse: I'm calling about AC.
CP: Yes?
ACN: Did you not receive the 3 prescriptions we sent...on 1/11/2014?
CP: <checking profile> Yes. They are on hold. They were too soon to fill since he'd received a 90 day supply a week earlier.
ACN: So they are there?
CP: Most definitely. Too bad he asked if we had received anything today. And I verified he was expecting something today. Had he bothered to ask if we had received anything in the last 75 days, I would have known he meant January.
ACN: Same thing happens here.

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