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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


There once was a boy with a script
The price was so high that he flipped
His insurance did suck
He's shit out of luck
He need watch where his wick is dipped.

She asked could she have a refill please
We told her none remain on these
Then what to do now for control of birth
She wondered aloud and I said with mirth
Simply place the empty pack betwixt thine knees.

In the toilet, the sink, the well, your pills fell
You have the worst luck, how can you not tell?
Norco, and Xanax, and Soma, all lost at sea
Your BP and sugar pills are fine though you see
Methinks you are lying, your story doth smell.

My bottle is empty you must fill it now
The weekend's upon us I'm having a cow.
More meds I'll not give
You'll continue to live
You missed many doses and still breathe somehow.

I need these right now how long is the wait?
Twenty minutes? too long for I shall be late
An hour before, these meds I'm to take
My appointment is now, 'tis your fault I won't make
Perhaps better planning is needed, Dear Ingrate...

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