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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I See You...

I saw you, and him. Walking in the rain.
I see you, baby, shaking that ass.

Okay, more like you were just standing there.
But I saw you.
You stood there.
I watched you from afar.
I kept looking up at you.
You were reading a book.
A magazine.
The Swimsuit Issue?
Your basket was on the floor.
Which is where I keep my dignity and sense of humour.
Because I knew.
I knew before you did.
I knew before my techs did.
We placed bets.
I watched the clock.
You watched the patients come and go.
The register rang.
Still you stood.
And still you read.
And still I stared.
Scripts filed? Check.
Reports signed?
Is she still perusing the free public library?
4:58, 4:59, 5:00 Gates!
I run them down and lock them all.
Slam. Slam. Slam.
Tech-meister dims the lights to a more "we are closed" level.
Darkness prevails.
And you look up. You raise an eyebrow.
Our crew natters away.
We walk towards the door.
You approach the gate.
Your lips part, as the question forms.
Slow-motion it comes.
But I know.
And the answer was foretold when I first saw you.
For I knew.
As you ask:
"Are you closed?"
And I open the door,
And walk out.
"No" is my reply.

Next time I shall deliver this...

"The pharmacy is still open.
Everything is shut tight.
The meds need their rest.
So bid them 'goodnight'.
The elves will soon rise.
Disturb them you can't.
Asking stupid questions,
Begets silly rants..."

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