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Friday, March 21, 2014

Above the Law

Steven Seagal references aside, I am often amazed at how prescribers believe the laws do not apply to them. Laws that have been on the books for decades always seem to surprise people. I love being the first pharmacist EVER to have a problem with something...or so I'm always told.

Phone Nurse: Calling in a prescription for Xanax
CP: Okay, now I just need the DEA #.
PN: It's ok. They gave me permission to call it in.
CP: It's okay. I'll wait for it.
PN: You don't need his DEA.
CP: You're not Obi-Wan, and I DO need his DEA.
PN: I've never had to have it before.
CP: Lady, for as long as I've been a pharmacist, and for as long I've been in this game, the DEA has always been required when phoning in controls. Period.
PN: Well this is the first time I've ever been asked for it.
CP: Either I am wrong, which would be quite rare, or every other pharmacist with whom you have ever spoken has opted to ignore the law, or you are just plain lying to me. Just because your doctor chooses not to follow the law does not mean I choose to ignore it. Ignorance is not a defense. Try that on the State Highway Patrol when you get pulled over for speeding. Just tell her "no one else ever pulled me over. No one else ever said speeding was wrong. You're the first."...and I'm sure she'll apologize and let you off the hook.

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