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Monday, March 24, 2014

If the Real World Operated Like This...

If only the Real World functioned according to the laws of the Pharmacy World, everything would be better...as a customer. Of course in this alternate universe, Pharmacists would be the Brown Coats...

Let us create the following scenario. Picture your bank. It's not as if you actually walk into one anymore, but this is where your money gets direct deposited. You have your mortgage here. You are loyal to them. We shall call them ABC Bank. All the other banks around have many locations too. They offer the same services and have fancy ATMs and exciting offers.

Today's lesson is about expectations.

Average Joe: I am here to close my account.
CP: I cannot find you in our system.
AJ: Impossible. I come here all the time.
CP: I am sorry but I cannot locate you in our computer. Do you have your account number?
AJ: No. Why would I have that. It's all in your system. My employer deposits my money here every week through email or magic or satellite or something.
CP: I am sorry, sir. Perhaps a more thorough search will find something?
AJ: This happens every time I come here. This is why I use your ATMs instead of walking inside.
CP: Sorry?
AJ: You have convenient ATMs. I like them. I use them all the time.
CP: Which bank do you think this is?
AJ: Bank of XXX?
CP: No. That is across town.
AJ: You mean you aren't all connected? I can go to any ATM anywhere and withdraw money.
CP: Yes. But you have to select one for your employer's paycheck deposits. You picked Bank of XXX. You also have to pay a user fee for using a non-preferred ATM. Ever wonder what those charges were on your bank statement?
AJ: I never look at that. As long as money comes out when I put my card in, I don't care. Now where's my free iPad for transferring?

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