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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Everything's My Fault

"I wish I was like you, easily amused...I'll take all the blame..."

A lady comes in after 5pm, peak pickup hour on the banks of the pharmacy. (The time I tell everyone to avoid the pharmacy.) She is already fired up because her insurance has changed. She has the new medical insurance card, but there is no prescription information on it.

After getting a little louder with each syllable to the point where I can now hear her from a few rows deep in my holding cell, I decide to step in and rescue my tech. (Besides, a crowd was starting to grow and you know how much I love playing to the crowd.)
(Keep in mind, this has already been billed to an insurance. When it originally rejected, they gave us the new number to call. We have the correct one but she doesn't believe us because the copay is nearly $300...)
Super Annoyed Person: <Just handed the "new" card to tech> I don't see what the problem is. I gave you the card. Everything is on there.
CP: Yes. Everything except for the pharmacy information.
SAP: I know it's there. You just have to call that number on the back.
CP: Which one? The one that says "customer service"? That would be for you to call as I am a provider and that number is not listed. It also says to call "between 7:30 am and 4:30pm" and here you are at 5:15 pm.
SAP: I don't see the problem. You are just an idiot. I could do your job better than you and faster too.
CP: Okay. Prove it. We are currently accepting applications and, as you can see, we are a little shorthanded at the moment. In fact, let me open the door for you right now. Since you are the expert, I invite you back to fill your prescription yourself. Come in.
SAP: You people couldn't handle me back there. Everyone would quit because I'd actually make them do work and light a fire under some asses back there. You wouldn't know what hit you.
CP: Again, I say prove it. You are welcome to apply on your way out. Have a pleasant night.
SAP: Oh I will. You better damn well believe it.

<Flash Forward 5 days where SAP has called and verified the information we told her last week.>
SAP: I'm here to pick up my prescription.
CP: The one with the new insurance? Turns out what we had was correct, huh?
SAP: You people are too damn expensive. I'm transferring all my stuff out of here. You don't know what you're doing.
CP: Bummer. I was so looking forward to more verbal sparring with you. You do realize, of course, that your copays are the same regardless of where they are filled, right? Anyway, I'll make sure when the other store calls for the transfers that I tell them you are looking for a job and they should give you an application. I will put in a good recommendation for you and tell them how experienced you are. I will give you credit. You did call your insurance. You did get the information for processing the claim. Too bad I did it faster than you and without the chippy attitude. I know, it sucks to be wrong. It especially sucks after the animated, demonstrative display you put on for everyone last week. Just tuck your little tail between your legs, lick your wounds, and heal up for your battles with your new pharmacy. With your history, There Will Be Blood...

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