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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Do I Love Thee?

How does a person pick the pharmacy where they choose to do business? A little over 2 decades ago, it used to be due mostly to the pharmacist. Next on the list was location. People tended to stay local. Now that has changed considerably. With often multiple chains on the same corner with the same conveniences, what truly separates us? Oddly enough it's the pharmacists. But that's not why you've assembled here today.
Let's suppose for today's example that we are in small town USA with only one little pharmacy. Neighboring town USA has a few options, including a link in the chain of Small Town's pharmacy. It is an idyllic day in this peaceful waterfront community.
Being the go-getter, uber-effervescent individual I am known to be, I bounce up to the counter to assist, unbeknownst at the time, Mr. Grumple-Foreskin.
CP: <Chipper> How may I help you today?
GF: <Knocking aside the chipper> They never have this. <flings Rx at me>
CP: Ok.
GF: But you always do.
CP: Well that seems like an easy decision to me.
GF: It's not. They have a drive-thru. And here I have to walk all the way to the back of the store. I hate it here.
CP: I have to walk to the back too, you know. At least it's scenic, past some lovely shrubbery.
Uber-Tech: NI!
GF: That's not funny. I hate this place.
CP: Forgive me for playing the role of ObviousCP, but, why are you here?
GF: Because you carry what I need and the idiots over there need fired for not knowing how to order.
CP: Forgive me for asking. Have you thought for a second they DON'T want to order this? See, you come in and ask for it, knowing they are out of it. You get all grumpy on your ride over here and I have to deal with you because I actually carry this for my patients. Seems as though they've outsmarted you, Mr. GF.  Perhaps next month these will remain on manufacturer backorder at my store. I'd suggest you call before you make the long drive in from Neighboring town. There are plenty more pharmacies with drive-thrus around. Why don't you keep driving around until you find them? All of them...

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