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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good Deed

Every once in a while there comes a moment; a memorable moment that lets you question your cynicism. Did that really just happen? You want to look around and ask someone to pinch you, just in case you're dreaming. When you do realize that yes, it indeed just happened, you must swiftly act upon it and bring recognition to its existence.
"CP, whatever is this life-altering event of which you speak?"

It was a dreary day, like all the others, when I heard it: the voicemail. It called me. Knowing I could not ignore its existence any longer I wearily dialed the code to retrieve its contents. It was a moment that changed me forever. Upon hearing the first dulcet tones of her lilting voice I knew this was a message like no other. She said she was calling in prescriptions for a patient about to be discharged from her facility and wanted us to have the time to get them ready. That day she left 10 prescriptions on my voicemail. But it was her pacing that was the game changer. She spoke with such a rhythmic cadence that I did not need to rewind or replay any part of the message. Her pace perfectly matched my writing. It was as if I were thinking the words as my pen spewed them forth upon the paper.
Upon completion of the call, as a lone tear streamed down my cheek, I knew what I had to do. Knowing it was nearing 5pm I knew I had to act quickly. I immediately called her back. She initially thought she had forgotten something.

CP: I just wanted to tell you that you left the most perfect voicemail I have ever received. You were perfectly paced, organized, didn't miss any information and didn't pause to look for anything. I had to thank you because I'm pretty sure no one ever calls to say they appreciate your messages. If only every other person who left me messages could learn from you, my days would be so much better.

Awesome Nurse: Thank you. I'm always concerned I go too fast or sound stupid. You just made my whole weekend.
CP: You are quite welcome.  Praise for a good job comes all too infrequently and you definitely deserve it today.

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