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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Tale of Two E-Scripts

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. There I was, at the data entry terminal, minding my own business, working ahead on the e-rxs when it appeared. First came the Omeprazole 40mg, 1 capsule twice a day, #60 prescription. As I finished processing it I noticed a second e-rx had appeared. This one was for Nexium 40mg, 1 capsule once a day #30. Hmmm. (I made my pensive face.) What to do? Was there a message from the doctor? Did he really want this patient on both PPIs? If only I could read his thoughts through my computer. If only there were notes attached to the e-scripts. If only the office would call me...After 35 minutes of staring intently at the phone, begging it to ring, I realized I should call the office myself. Dutifully I called and it went like this...

Office Girl: Hold <click>
CP: <thinking to self> Wow, I'd get dinged on my customer satisfaction scores for doing that. Too bad offices aren't graded too...
OG: How may I help you?
CP: Pharmacist calling with an important question about two e-scripts you just sent to me. It's very important.
OG: Okay. I'll transfer you to the prescription refill line.
<message left on refill line went like this> CP calling with an important question that cannot wait. I suggest the next time I call you teach your staff to NOT transfer me to the refill line as I am questioning e-scripts you just sent to me. If there are errors on your prescriptions you need to have a protocol in place to have them immediately addressed. I look forward to hearing back from you as soon as you determine it is important enough for you to call me back.

<Exactly 54 minutes later>
RN: RN calling. Someone called and left a message about a question on an e-script but didn't leave the question.
CP: That was me. Thanks for taking my call. First time caller, long time e-script filler. Did you really intend to put this patient on two PPIs?
RN: Huh?
CP: Pull up what you sent me.
RN: The Omeprazole was canceled back in September. He was supposed to start Nexium last month.
CP: So you sent me a prescription for a canceled Rx, then sent me another for Nexium, which he already is getting from another doctor?
RN: Yes.
CP: Why, may I ask, would your office send me a canceled Rx AND a new Rx? Am I supposed to guess that is what happened? Why did no one call me? What would have happened had we filled the Omeprazole and the patient took it? He would have been pissed at me and blamed me and yelled at me. How about next time I say "it's important" your OG lets me talk to you straight away. It took you an hour to call me back. Glad it wasn't anything serious like an anaphylactic allergy. So I'm canceling the Omeprazole but what about the Nexium?
RN: Just cancel that too if he has refills from another prescriber.
CP: Ok. Thanks for wasting my time.

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  1. My favorites are the ones the docs send over with no comment that the scripts are to be on hold and not filled. Thanks. We love wasting time filling scripts only to be told by the patient, "Oh, I don't want that now."