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Monday, August 26, 2013

Whose Problem Is It?

I take responsibility for my actions. I take responsibility for my work. I take pride in who I am. I take pride in what I do. I help people, outside my job, when I can. I offer assistance when possible...
However, a customer proved to me this week that I do not know the lengths to which I should really be going. I did not know I should stick my nose into other people's business, literal business, and throw myself into their problems.

CP: How may I help you today?
A Total Twit: Your phone isn't working.
CP: Then how are we speaking on it? Yes, I know. We have one of our lines that has been down since Saturday. For whatever reason, today being Monday, the phone company has decided to take its sweet time and said they'll fix us soon.
ATT: Did you call the phone company?
CP: No. As a corporate entity we are required to call corporate office. They call the phone company who then sends a repair guy. Pretty standard. Usually it's fixed the next day, but with it being a weekend and all...
ATT: I don't care about that. Where is your corporate office? I'm going to call them and tell them they need to fix this now.
CP: Um...
ATT: And then I'm going to call the phone company. This is ridiculous! I had to wait on hold for over 25 minutes listening to your stupid hold music only to find out the line wasn't working.
CP: Hm. Knowing that we answer pretty quickly, I'd never wait on hold that long for any business. I'd call back. But then again, I'm not sitting here on the phone, after spending "half my day" did you say? trying to get through, just to tell me how to fix my phones. Why did you wish to speak to me in the first place.
ATT: For a refill. Here's the number. <click>

~2 hours later, in store...

ATT: Did you call the phone company yet?
CP: No. Did you? Or our corporate office?
ATT: Yeah. They said they're working on it.
CP: So your special powers you thought you possessed were discovered to be not-so-special? You did not have any pull that expedited a resolution to our telecommunications situation? Bummer. I was excited at the prospect that you, a patient here with no connection to my company or the phone company, could some how cajole Mama Bell into cowering at your feet and fixing one of the nine phone lines in our store that doesn't work.
But your prescription is ready. Have a nice day!

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