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Friday, August 2, 2013

Diamond in the Rough

Sometimes, a person comes along that changes how you view everything. How you view the public. Sometimes it changes your opinion of your fellow man and woman. Sometimes, even a professional cynic can be awed at the display a single person presents when his healthcare is at stake. I was at a loss for words. (As you well know, that is a near impossibility, as rare as a welfare person paying for her child's non-covered medicines.) Anyway, this day started as do so many others. Unlike the rest, a ray of sunshine would permeate our souls and allow us to smile, a serious, honest smile that would brighten the days of all others we would see that day.
What could be so profound? What could have happened to be so impactful? It was a quote that he downplayed as natural, as normal, as expected. He played it off as if everyone took responsibility for his own healthcare and should be as forward thinking as he. In the normal flow of our daily conversation, my trusty technician asked if he had any allergies. I'm almost weeping as I recount the details. (sniff) And he said, (sniffle), he said, (snort), and I quote :

"If I have an allergy, I need to be proactive. I don't expect you guys to remember everything. Thank you."

It was a monumental occasion. We thought about taking his picture and hanging it on the wall of fame. (His would have been the first.) We thought about asking him to train all other customers in the ways of the patient. But, as with all good patients, we had to let him walk away, for we cannot keep him. Besides, that's kidnapping, and we don't have time for that.
Thank you kind sir for reminding us that not everyone is a complete dunce when it comes to taking care of his health.

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  1. Sometimes when we're inundated with the ceaseless thoughtlessness of the public it feels like a miracle to have dialogue such as this...