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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pharmacy Analogies/Similes

Yelling at me because you ran out of medication is like yelling at BP because you ran out of gas.

Yelling at me when your doctor has not yet phoned in your prescription is like yelling at UPS when Amazon hasn't yet processed your order.
Driving directly to my pharmacy from the office and not finding a prescription here or ready is like placing an Amazon order from your laptop then running to the door and getting pissed at FedEx.

Asking me when your doctor is going to call is like asking me when you're going to die.
(the answer is the same: hopefully before the end of the day.).....ah, boo

Be prepared. If you know you are going to call me with a refill request, please know what you want. It's like calling for a pizza delivery, getting them on the phone, then shouting to everyone "Okay, who wants what?" 

You complaining to me about your insurance copay is like me complaining to you about my electric rates. 

When asked if you have any questions for the pharmacist and you answer "no", that is the end of the conversation. Asking a question as I walk away is a violation of the "end of conversation etiquette rules" and I have the right to ignore you. It's like answering "are you sure?" with a "yes" when making a purchase then immediately changing your mind. Too late. No changes, no take backs, no regrets. 

Do people call the grocery store to complain when their milk carton is empty...and has been for 3 days?

Asking for "a few pills until I see my doctor this week and he writes me a new prescription" is like asking the bank "for a few dollars until I start my new job this week and get a paycheck".
("But I've been taking it my whole life" is like "But I've been making money my whole life".)

Manufacturing a cough when at the counter to purchase Sudafed is like doing the pee-pee dance at the counter to buy Sudafed. (Wrong symptom/product combination.)

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