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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maybe I'm Amazed...

I like to get a name first. Anytime you do any business with anyone, it's nice to get a name. It's especially nice for those personal, intimate encounters in which one might engage.
I'm talking about doctor's visits.

Super-Tech: Hey CP, which doctor do you think this patient saw? Forgot the DEA on this control.
CP: I'm going with Dr. Zoffis. But ask the patient. Hopefully he knows.
ST: You think? My, you're optimistic today.
CP: Nope. Just waiting to have my faith in humanity crushed like my dreams of working in the circus.

ST: <to patient> Which prescriber did you see?
Oblivious Patient: Not sure.
CP: You're not sure?
OP: Nope. They have lots of doctors there.
CP: You don't know the name of your prescriber?
OP: No. Didn't catch it.
CP: How do you know whom to call to make follow up visits?
OP: I just call and they schedule me with whoever.
CP: They don't tell you who you are seeing?
OP: I guess not.
CP: Isn't that kind of like a one-night stand? You just go into a room with someone you don't know and come out with a narcotic prescription?
OP: Well, when you put it like that.
CP: Slut.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure the prescriber name was clearly and distinctly printed on the Rx as per law, right?