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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Where Is It?

CP: You would think the easiest questions would allow for the easiest answers, correct?
ME: I would think. 
MICE ELF: ME, too. 
ME: Which leads us to believe this is not the case. 
CP: Precisely. 

Fungal Female Seeking: I will be picking up my prescription for a cream today. Can you tell me where to apply it?
CP: What are you treating?
FFS: My feet are itchy and white between my toes. 
CP: I'd apply it there. 
FFS: But where?
CP: On your feet. 
FFS: But where do I apply it?
CP: Did you see a doctor?
FFS: Yes. 
CP: What was the diagnosis?
FFS: Athlete's foot. 
CP: Apply it on your feet. 
FFS: But where do I apply it?
CP: On the itchy, white patches. 
FFS: Not on the soles of my feet?
CP: Do they itch?
FFS: No.  
CP: Did your doctor tell you to apply it to the whole foot?
FFS: No. That's why I'm asking you. 
CP: <makes note to send doctor coal for Christmas> If it's itchy and you know, spread some cream. If it's dry and white and scaly, spread some cream. 
FFS: But where. 
CP: In the bathroom? Your bedroom? Kitchen? I'm no longer sure I know how to answer this. 
FFS: Okay. I'll ask again when I come down to pick it up. 
CP: Make sure it's tomorrow when CPP is here. 

CPP: Thanks phor that. 
CP: No problem. 

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