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Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Available - adj: able to be bought, obtained, used, or reached. 

ME: Why the definition? 
MICE ELF: Oh, did someone keep using a word in a way that opposes its meaning?
CP: You may say that. 
ME and MICE ELF: Let's hear it. 

Patient's Expensive Eliquis Is Not Generic: Why is this so expensive?
CP: It's a brand only medication and your insurance has it listed in their top tier. 
PEEING: "My doctor said there's a generic for Eliquis."
CP: There is not. 
PEEING: He said there is. 
CP: Well if he said so, I guess it's true. Did he read it on the internet? 
PEEING: I don't know. 
CP: One was approved by the FDA in 2019, but it will not come to market until April 2028. 
PEEING: Right. He said it's available but you can't get it yet. 
CP: Huh? 
PEEING: It's available, but you can't get it. 
CP: Can you define the word "available" as you perceive it? I'm really curious how "available" means "not available" to you. 
PEEING: I guess I'll just take this one until you can get it in. 
CP: I'll get it in as soon as it's available; in April 2028. 

ME: Maybe he thought the doctor said "approved"? 
CP: No. Don't let him off the hook that easy. He was adamant it was available, not approved because I asked that as well and he didn't understand "approved" either. 
MICE ELF: Why do people have such loyalty and dedication to their doctors? Even in light of evidence to the contrary directly from the experts' mouths, the pharmacists, the doctors' words carry more weight, as if they could never be wrong. 
CP: They do work in a practice. 


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