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Tuesday, October 31, 2023


CPP: I see here in your bio that you like asking and answering rhetorical questions. 
CP: I do. It's unexpected. 
CPP: What other ways do you like to buck normalcy?
CP: Asking people to explain answers they supply that are quite unexpected. 
CPP: You are a fan of the comic, and the term itself, non sequitur. 
CP: Indeed. You are familiar with the Geico Airport commercial? 
CPP: Of course; the one where the traveler replies "you too" to the TSA agent wishing him a good trip. 
CP: That's the one. Have you ever stopped and asked a patient, or anyone, for that matter, why they said what they just said? 
CPP: Questioning the origin of their non sequitur to determine if they didn't understand what you were saying; to determine if they had their response prepared and, no matter what you said, they were going to reply the same; or if they really didn't understand the assignment and were looking for a way to safely exit the uncomfortable conversation? 
CP: Right. Like this example:

CP: Welcome to the Machine. What did you dream. This is CP's Playhouse. How may I help you?
Do I Look Dumb Or What: I need a refill on my medication. 
CP: You have no refills left. I sent a request to your office and I would suggest you call them as well. Maybe if we both attack them, they'll get back to us sooner. 
DILDOW: I've been coming here for years. 

<Option #1 - We reply with equally useless knowledge>

CP: Oh wow. I've WORKED here for years 
CP: Oh wow! I once scored 4 touchdowns in one game for Polk High. 
CP: Oh wow! Giraffes and Humans each have 7 vertebrae. 

<Option #2 - We ask the relevance of their reply>

CP: Oh really? Wow. And what does your loyalty to our business have to do with your lack of refills? Are you implying "I've never had this problem before" or something else sinister towards me? 
PT: But. . . 
CP: Or are you letting me know that you know that I know you should know by now, due to your years of loyal servitude, that you should know better that you have to call Dr. Zoffis yourself for your refills? 
DILDOW: But. . . 
CP: Seriously. What possessed you to reply with "I've been coming here for years"? That doesn't follow the conversation. Appropriate replies wold have included:
"Oh. Ok. I shall ring my provider forthwith."
"Oh. Fiddlesticks. What are my options so I do not go without?"
"My bad." 

CPP: Sometimes that's a fun rabbit hole to investigate. Often, it's short. 
CP: It's fun watching them struggle to comprehend what just happened. That's why I have so many fun facts on hand. They always get distracted by shiny new things. 

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