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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Be Nice

CPP: What is one request you have, whether it's in retail or other interactions with humans?
CP: Be nice. 
CPP: Sounds simple. 
CP: It is. I wrote a post years ago about how there are two types of people who make an impression on you: nice people and assholes. When the phone rings, and businesses have Caller ID, don't be the asshole that causes the employees to play "nose goes"; same can be said phor when we see your phace bouncing down the aisles toward us. 
CPP: You're either memorable in a positive or a negative way?
CP: Or you fly under the radar because you're just being a decent, pleasant human being. 
CPP: I get the sense there is a negative story coming. 
CP: Right your are, Ken. 

CP: Welcome to CP's Drachm-A-Rama. Are you picking up?
Totally Witchy Ass Twat: Duh. That's why I'm in the pickup line. 
CP: Oh. It's going to be one of these interactions, is it?
TWAT: I'm here to pick up for my husband. 
CP: Ok. I just need your ID so I can scan it into the register. <holds out hand to receive said ID>
TWAT: <drops ID on counter under outstretched hand>
CP: <Stares at TWAT and continues holding out hand>
CP: As i my hand. I placed it there so you would be able to place it in my hand, so I wouldn't have to pick it up and so I could politely return it to you. I'm not a servant and you will treat me respect. Now put it in my hand. 
TWAT: This is ridiculous. 
CP: I know. Who knew being polite was so difficult.
TWAT: <retrieves ID from counter and slams it into my hand>
CP: I've only met you twice since I've been at this location and you have always been this rude to my staff. I truly look forward to waiting on you. 
TWAT: I bet you do. You haven't been so nice either. 
CP: Right. Expecting you to be a decent human is a tall order. Next time be nice or don't come here. I will train you to be a better patient or I will dismiss you phrom my store. 
TWAT: <scoffs and slams everything into her bag>
CP: Sometimes you get bad customer service because you're a bad customer. 

CPP: Please tell me you ended that with "now go away or I shall taunt you a second time"?
CP: I just smiled broadly and waved like Forrest Gump greeting Lt. Dan. 


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