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Monday, August 29, 2022

My Own Research

CP: I miss the toddler years. 
CPP: Your own?
CP: Yes, and watching children through that age. 
CPP: Why? 
CP: Because they always want to try things on their own. "I can do it all by myself" is a common refrain. 
CPP: Good for them. That's how they learn. 
CP: And there comes a certain point where you learn things you can do and things you can't do; to trust experts either to show you or teach you, or to do the work for you. That's why we pay professionals. 
CPP: Except pharmacists. We don't get paid for our brains. 
CP: Right. But we, like other professionals, know a lot and people still come to us for our wisdom. 
CPP: Why is today's theme "My Own"? 
CP: Besides these songs? My Own Prison, My Own Worst Enemy, My Own Summer (Shove It)? There are some times when doing things on your own is ill-advised, counterproductive, or a waste of time. 
CPP: And today's story?
CP: A waste of time. 

CP: Welcome to CP's Drachm-A-Rama Bait and Tackle and Pharmaceuticals. How may I help you?
Fairly Rash And Not Knowledgeable: Did my doctor call in my prescription?
CP: She did. 
FRANK: How much does it cost?
CP: $36.00
FRANK: For a cream for my face?
CP: Yes. 
FRANK: My doctor said this would help. 
CP: She is a dermatologist, this is her bailiwick. 
FRANK: I'm not sure if I'm going to get it. 
CP: Due to cost? Or something else?
FRANK: "I'm going to do more research. I don't want my face to get worse."
CP: <makes actual air quotes> "More research?" Of what kind? You went to a doctor, a specialist in the field of Dermatology, a doctor who diagnosed your condition based on her expertise in this field of specialty, who told you to get this prescription filled and it would help and yet you "are going to do more research"? What, pray tell, will this involve that supplants this doctor and her educational expertise and years of practice?
FRANK: I just want to make sure it's safe. 
CP: Ok. Let me know what you decide. 

CPP: Did she get it?
CP: Yeah. About half an hour later. 
CPP: Exhaustive research, that. 
CP: Indeed. People take longer to research their lottery numbers and the samples for their cheeseboards than she did. 
CPP: You were most persuasive. 
CP: I like to think so. 

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