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Thursday, August 25, 2022

How Do You Explain Free?

CP: Remember the guy who complained that his copay was $0.00?
CPP: Yeah. Didn't he say something along the lines of "I don't need a handout. I PAY for my stuff."?
CP: That's the guy. 
CPP: What happened this time?
CP: The asterisk. 
CPP: The asterisk? Oh. Oh yeah. The asterisk is a bitch; gets people all the time. Why do they make them so small on those advertisements?
CP: Marketing 101 - size matters.
CPP: Ok. Let's hear it.

Dude In A Rush Really Heeding Every Ad: I saw your sign. 
CP: Did it open up your eyes?
CP: You'll have to be more specific as we have more signs than Dolores Umbridge had Proclamations. 
DIARRHEA: I saw your ad for flu shots. 
CP: And you thought to yourself "today is the day"!
CP: Have you filled prescriptions with us before?
DIARRHEA: I have not. 
CP: Okay. I just need to see your insurance card. 
DIARRHEA: The sign said "free". 
CP: It did. It still does, in fact. 
DIARRHEA: <stares vacantly>
CP: It's free to you, but someone pays; and it's not me. 
DIARRHEA: I have Medicare. 
CP: Right. So they, as your insurance provider, are paying the cost; ipso facto it is "free". 
DIARRHEA: I don't understand. Your sign says it's free. 
CP: If your copay on a medication is zero, you pay nothing. It still costs to fill it and bill and put medication from the big bottle into the little bottle, but those costs are paid by your insurance, Medicare in this case. Free to you does not mean without cost. Again, someone is paying for it. 
DIARRHEA: I'll wait until I learn more. 
CP: Interesting takeaway phrom this conversation.

CPP: He didn't get the shot?
CP: Nope. 
CPP: Because he didn't understand the concept of free?
CP: Yes. 
CPP: Is this the first year flu shots have been available in pharmacies? 
CP: You would think every year is the first year. Oh, and remember about a decade ago when I started writing this page how I mentioned Flu Shots would become the next "impulse buy" at checkout?
CPP: Yes. You were most prescient. 

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