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Friday, January 17, 2020

Negotiations Were Short

Badgering And Raising Temper Ensures Refusal: I need to drop these off to be filled.
UT: Okay. When would you like to return for them?
BARTER: As soon as they can be filled.
UT: Of course, M'lady. It appears as if that will be Tuesday, per the "do not dispense until" date the prescriber scritched on here.
BARTER: We are hoping to leave town Monday.
UT: Don't let me stop you. Have fun.
BARTER: With the prescriptions.
UT: Then you shouldn't give them to me. I won't be able to fill them until Tuesday.
BARTER: How early?
UT: Well, we open at 8am. We usually tell people 2 hours after that time, so I'm going to go with 10am but let me check with my pharmacist. Hey, CP. How early on Tuesday? They are fleeing town.
CP: Give me 8:32am.
BARTER: Can it be any sooner?
CP: It's not a negotiation.
BARTER: How about Monday night?
CP: Again. . . It's not a negotiation. We are not dickering here. And how do you counter with a day earlier?
BARTER: My doctor said some pharmacists will do them the night before.
CP: Not sure how he came by this made-up sounding bit but, last I checked, he doesn't work here. In fact, I've never met him. Huh. Seems like a knowledgeable fellow though. Also not sure how I can legally fill and bill a prescription for one date if I fill it the day BEFORE that date happens. Perhaps I should give this smart prescriber guy a call for advice.
BARTER: So that's the best you can do?
CP: Attorney?
BARTER: No. Nurse.
CP: Huh. That was my second guess. Would've sworn. . . Anyway, ask me again and it will be 8:57.
BARTER: See you Tuesday.
CP: Bring coffee.
UT: You were right about one thing Master. Negotiations were short.
CP: Not short enough. Remember the one guy who asked me when are we least busy?
UT: Yeah. You replied "when we are closed".
CP: Right. Because we aren't doing any work.

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