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Monday, January 20, 2020

Losing Phaith

UT: There's a pharmacist on the other line for you.
CP: Oh joy! I love speaking with other colleagues. Idle banter between professionals really breaks up the day. 
Other Professional Pharmacist: I'm getting a refill too soon message and the insurance is telling me you filled it? 
CP: I shall check. Name and DOB? 
OPP: Douche Baggins, 5/5/75. 
CP: I don't have anything filled. In fact, the last thing for her was in November. 
OPP: It's for her HCTZ 25mg. 
CP: We filled it on 11/30/19 for 90 days. 
OPP: Can you reverse it? 
CP: She got it. Picked it up on 11/30/19. 
OPP: Then why is it showing you filled it? The insurance won't let me process it. 
CP: Um. . . She received a 90 days supply. Approximately 45 days ago. She's not due until. . . 
OPP: I don't understand why they won't fill it. 
CP: I realise the groundhog isn't due yet, but even he would say that maybe it's because she has roughly 6 weeks of medication remaining? 
OPP: But they said you filled it. 
CP: I'm not sure where we go from here. Can you put someone else on the phone? Please? Perhaps my Uber-Tech can explain it better than I? I mean, she has the medication. 90 days.
OPP: Oh. So it's a refill too soon?
CP: Still once a day?
OPP: Yes.
CP: Then yes.
OPP: Sorry to bother you.
CP: No worries. I at least now have a post for tomorrow.
UT: Ouch. That was rough.
CP: Like a kiss on the lips from a sticky-side-up pad. 

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