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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

You're An Adult?

Unequaled Bright Energetic Radiant Tech Enjoying Counter Help: How may I help you today?
Lady At Counter Energetically Yelling Undeniably Now Demanding Everyone Readily Accept Limited Listening Skills: I need this prescription filled.
UT: Ok. Your insurance may not cover it. If they do not, I can fill it as cash or on a discount card if you like.
LACEY UNDERALLs: Let me call someone at my house.
UT: Fair enough.
LACEY UNDERALLs: <on phone> not sure. not sure. not sure.
CP: Pretty sure you explained the options well.
UT: I did. Maybe they're for someone else?
LACEY UNDERALLs: Here. <shoves cell phone towards UT> Can you talk to them?
UT: I'm sorry but we can't talk on cell phones. They are welcome to call the store phone so I may discuss it. Here is the number.
LACEY UNDERALLs: <on phone> They can't talk on my phone. I don't know. They said you can call the store phone.
CP: I see this taking a strange turn in 4. . . 3. . . 2. . . 1
LACEY UNDERALLs: They want to know how they can call the store phone if you're not allowed to talk on the phone at work?
CP: And there it is.
UT: No. I said I can't talk on YOUR phone. I can talk on my phone. The store phone. The business phone. The phone on which people call me all day.
LACEY UNDERALLs: Oh. Ok. They will call you then.
UT: Um. That really happened.
CP: It did. Right before our very eyes. Good luck with that conversation once they call you in 3. . . 2. . . 1
<phone ringing>
CP: <touches nose> Not it!

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