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Friday, October 11, 2019

Sometimes, You Forget

Uber-Tech: Welcome to CP's Playhouse.
Husband In Trouble: I am here to pick up a prescription.
UT: Okay. Give me the name and DOB and I'll check the portal of patient prescriptions (P3) to see what I have ready.
HIT: Knapp, Anita. DOB 6/7/82.
UT: Gotcha. It's been a long day for me. Let's see, Anita Knapp. Sounds familiar. Hmmm. I don't find her in P3.
HIT: This is where I always pick up our prescriptions.
UT: Anita Knapp. DOB June 7th, 1982?
HIT: Yes.
UT: Silly question. Are you sure this is the correct pharmacy? It could be at CVS or Walgreens if the prescriber sent it there instead?
HIT: No. This is where she sent me.
UT: Okay. How sure are you of the DOB?
HIT: <chuckles> Very sure. It's my wife. I'd better know it.
UT: Ok. Better call her then because unfortunately, I have no profile for her. Anita Knapp, DOB 6/7/82.
CP: <pssst>
UT: <whispers> what?
CP: Ask him what he got her for her birthday.
UT: Sir. My pharmacist wants me to ask you what you got her for her birthday.
HIT: Nothing yet. Why?
CP: <whispers to UT> because 6/7 was yesterday. Today is 6/8. He's either got the wrong DOB or he's got the right DOB AND he forget to get her something.
UT: Did you hear that?
HIT: Oops. <quickly hangs up phone> It's July. 7/7/82.
UT: Lucky she hadn't picked up the phone yet.
HIT: Yeah. I'd be in a lot more trouble.
CP: Want to know the easiest way to remember your wife's birthday or your anniversary?
HIT: What's that?
CP: Forget it once.
HIT: Haha. Thanks.
UT: Quick thinking CP.
CP: That's our job. Saving lives.

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