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Monday, October 7, 2019

I'm Mad

CP: Good Day! Welcome to The Pill Pauper Express. How may I. . .
Mad Old Lady Droning That We're All Tossers: I'm mad!
CP: Why?
MOLDTWAT: My doctor sent my prescription here.
CP: Then I too am mad.
MOLDTWAT: Why are YOU mad?
CP: Because you are here.
CP: Because your doctor sent your prescription here. Were you not following your own complaint?
MOLDTWAT: That doesn't make sense.
CP: Sure it does. I offered you a welcoming pleasantry as you approached my counter. Before I could finish, you were already complaining. Perhaps you are upset that your doctor inconvenienced you by sending your prescription to the wrong pharmacy. While that can be frustrating, it can be remedied. However, that is not my fault and no reason to start our interaction with a complaint. Would you like to try again?
MOLDTWAT: See! This is why I don't come here.
CP: Are you not entertained?
MOLDTWAT: Yes. No. I'm so confused. What just happened?
CP: You were mad. Now you're confused. Soon you will be excited.
MOLDTWAT: Why excited?
CP: Because your prescription is filled, despite this not being your regular, intended pharmacy and because you are no longer mad.
MOLDTWAT: Well. I'm still a little mad.
CP: But not at me. And you cracked a smile.
MOLDTWAT: Thank you for that.
CP: You are welcome.
MOLDTWAT: How'd you do that?
CP: It's what I do.
CP: Do you wanna get a flu shot?
MOLDTWAT: <scowls>
CP: Okay. Moment over.

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