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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What's In A Name?

Lots of thought.
Or no thought.
As parents, there is an obligation on you when naming your child.
Make sure he/she is not going to have to deal with a life of misfortune thanks to your decision. (Marlana backwards? Anyone?)
(And let us keep in mind the poor souls with longer-and-more-complicated-than-necessary spellings who are forced to complete bubble tests. While they are still bubbling in their names, half the class have completed the exam.)

For those of you with cute, peculiar names or with atypical spellings, keep one thing in mind: In life, there is no one who is responsible for your name except your parent(s). Especially not the pharmacy staff.
Hate your name? Change it.
Hate the spelling? Change it.
Hate having to explain to everyone with whom you interact how to spell or pronounce your name? Change it.
Or, better yet, embrace it. It's beautiful. Just like you.
We know it's not your fault, but it IS your name. It's not my name.
If you know you have a unique spelling, please accept the fact and help us.
(Yes, there are lots of photos of Starbucks cups with beautiful attempts at names but I'd rather put it in to the computer correctly and be able to find you when needed.)

If you are a Thom instead of a Tom, tell us.
Same goes for Theresa or Teresa.
Alyx and Alex and Alixx?
Allison, Alison, Alyson.
Larry or Lawrence or Laurence?
Geri or Gerri or Jeri or Jerri or any of those with a "y"?
Don't even get me started on the K v C names-
Kathy/Cathy, Katherine, Kathryn, Katharyn, et al. (Same goes for Kaitlynn)
Kris, Chris, Criss, Khris?
Cindi, Cindy, Cyndy?
Caryn, Carin? Karen?

Seriously. I could do this all day. You get it. And I know people will add some of their favourites. Or favorites.

The point is, make life easier on everyone.
When picking up at the pharmacy, or anywhere you need to give your name, just tell us "it's-Jon-with-no-H". Save us all some grief and especially that awkward moment where we have to stare at you because we can't seem to locate you in the system. I can't possibly process all the permutations of  Kaitie, or Caitie, Katey, or Caity, or . . . ad infinitum.

If you have to tell me how to spell your name, this is not the first time you have encountered this.
Be polite.
"Erik with a K" is nice.
(Also, please pick one name and stick with it. "The doctor has me as Taylor but I go by Lyn with one N here at the pharmacy but my real name is TaQLynn with 2 N's and a silent Q. It's pronounced TAY LIN.")

Again, don't get mad because we do not know how to spell or pronounce your name. Take a second, spell it, pronounce it and we may remember it.
Yes, you are unique, just like everyone else.
You live with your name and I with mine.
Our interactions are limited to minutes per month and the name exchange is but seconds of this time. It is ephemeral and quickly forgotten, as when you provide your date of birth.


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