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Monday, May 13, 2019

Beat The Clock

Why pharmacy is, and should not be, like a cooking show. (Or taking an exam.)
CP: Do you enjoy watching cooking shows?
ME: You know we do.
MYSELF: Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Worst Cooks, we love them all!
CP: How are they like the current practise of pharmacy?
ME: We all yell "order up!"?
MYSELF: We take things from the pantry and assemble them into finished products?
CP: I suppose that works. Not really where I was going with this, but . . .
ME: Oooh. Oooh. I know.
CP: Yes?
ME: We have timed challenges!
MYSELF: Dorque.
CP: Closer. In the cooking shows, there is a challenge. The challenge is indeed time. There is usually a sabotage or wrinkle thrown in and the contestants, from seasoned chefs to first-time kitchen visitors,  must negotiate these as well as completing the dish.
MYSELF: Yeah. They always seem to just throw something on the plate and often forget the sauce or the mushrooms.
CP: Even though they seemingly have enough time, things don't always work out in their favour and sacrifices have to be made.
ME: Good thing we don't work under those conditions.
MYSELF: <pssst> I think that's the point of this post. These are exactly the same conditions.
CP: Quite. Whereas the judges on the show may complain their chicken is undercooked, the potatoes are hard, or the one judge didn't get the crispy kale on her plate, these conditions will only result in a bad score. These results in pharmacy can be catastrophic and life-threatening.
ME: I am appalled! These are contests that push the contestants to work under pressure to create beautiful, delicious plates of food; for a prize and for the enjoyment of the public living vicariously through them and the judges.
MYSELF: It's chaos. For entertainment. Not exactly what one wants for their healthcare.
CP: If I weren't living it every day, I'd expect a reality TV host to jump out at any moment and coach me on how to behave. In fact, I assume they are taking notes from the minds of pharmacy CEOs:
give them normal work (Rx's to fill).
now time them
now cut that time in half and promise the public that new time
add in phone calls (answering)
remove tech help to handle the phone calls
add in a drive thru
remove tech help from drive thru
add in more work (check other stores' work)
check emails
make them respond to emails about not meeting times
add in phone calls (making)
remove RPh overlap
remove tech help
add in more work (conference calls to talk about the work not getting done)
remove food and drink and sanity breaks
add in complaints
make them answer complaints
add in metrics they can't meet
add in quotas
add in vaccinations
add in sales pitches (sell stupid crap from the "as seen on TV section")
have them juggle bottles while counting
have them counsel patients while twirling a baton
add in a person to come yell at them every 12 minutes

ME: WOW! That'd make a great show. I'd watch that.
ME: You can juggle?
CP: Yes.

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