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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Stop Messing Around

Bottle Looks Unfamiliar: You gave me the wrong medication.
CP: And Good Morning to you too.
BLU: Are you trying to kill me?
CP: I don't even know you. So, not yet. But keep it up and. . .
BLU: You gave me blue tablets.
CP: Okay. Are they making you sad because they're blue?
BLU: What? No! They're not working.
CP: That's hardly an attempt on your life.
BLU: I called my doctor and he said you must have given me a cheaper version.
CP: Well, he IS a doctor who does not work in my pharmacy so his expertise is unquestionable in this.
BLU: You're messing with people's lives here!
CP: Yes. Pharmacies are now conducting social experiments. How will patients respond if we switch from red to blue?
BLU: The green ones worked that I got last month! And the Nitroglycerin you gave me are not round like the ones I've been getting at CVS. I haven't slept in a week!
CP: So you had been getting your prescriptions at CVS and now you switched to me and because I dispensed a different manufacturer, I am messing with your life?
BLU: Yes.
CP: Curious line of thinking. Colour does not equal potency. I also could not explain to you that the colour had changed since I did not know what you received last month. You do have to expect that if you change pharmacies, other things will be different as well. I mean, the pharmacist was different too. Or did you not notice that?
BLU: But the colour is different and my doctor said you gave me cheaper stuff.
CP: Yes. Your doctor. Who knows less than nothing about what I do. Did you know your doctor buys his flu shots at the end of the purchasing season, after all the pharmacies? Know why? because he wants the cheapest stuff around. So make sure you don't get your flu shot from your doctor because he gives cheaper versions. His flu shots are probably blue too.
BLU: You don't know that.
CP: Any more than your doctor knows what I do.

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