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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How To Be A Good Patient

<our scene unfolds in a non-native environment for our hero, CP>
Other Pharmacy Personnel: Hello and welcome to OPP's pharmacy.
CP: Thank you.
OPP: How may we help you today?
CP: <sheepishly> I am here to pick up prescriptions.
OPP: Are these for you?
CP: No. I do not usually shop here. I am picking up for a phriend who is required to use this phine establishment.
OPP: Well thank you for coming to visit today. Do you know how many prescriptions you are retrieving?
CP: Alas, I do not. I was forwarded the text alerting my phriend that there were prescriptions ready. How many do you have?
OPP: I have three prescriptions ready.
CP: May I inquire as to what they are?
OPP: Yes. We have the puce one, the periwinkle one, and the pretty fuchsia one.
CP: Can you remove the puce one, please? I believe I requested that to be discontinued last visit.
OPP: You are quite correct and I apologise for the mistake. I do remember speaking with you last month and personally removing this from our list. Unfortunately computers, despite our bet intentions, suck.
CP: Indeed they do.
OPP: I shall remove it forthwith.
CP: Many thanks. This is why I always check what I am receiving before I leave.
OPP: As all good patients, and <wink, wink> professionals, should.
CP: It truly is amazing how rewarding an experience one can have when one takes control of their own healthcare and works with their pharmacy instead of against them.
OPP: Indeed. Good day!
CP: Good day!

This has been a presentation of #HowToBeAGoodPatient and #HowToBehaveInPublic as brought to you by CP and Other People's Pharmacy.

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