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Friday, September 1, 2017

The More You Say It, The Phunnier It Gets

Sometimes, okay, quite often in my pharmacy, a conversation, or a phrase, or even a single word inspires an entire post. The strength of it is directly proportional to the acceptance by my colleagues  of the twist-of-phrase.

It's always inspiring to me that floaters choose to come to my store; mostly due to them knowing they are not in for a drab, boring day. I like to think it's me, but I know better. 

Why is it that patients always say the same thing? It's not just every patient reciting the same line; I'm talking about every patient repeating the same line each time he visits the pharmacy. 

CP: What is your date of birth? 
Pt: I come here all the time. 
CP: Then you know I ask for it every time. You really should be better prepared next time. 

CP: Do you have your insurance card with you? 
Pt: It's in the computer. I come here all the time. 
CP: I think you have a serious problem. Insurances should not be that stimulating. 

CP: Any changes to your personal information?
Pt: I come here all the time. 
CP: I realise corporate pharmacy has prostituted our profession, but you really need to stop doing that. We are not literal prostitutes and since only the pharmacists are Blood and OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Materials) trained, we're tired of cleaning up your "accidents". 

CP: Do you have any allergies? 
Pt: I come here all the time. 
CP: I'm glad we excite you that much, but you should really try to wait until you get home. They make medication for that. 
Pt: Really? What medications treat that? 
CP: SSRI's are one class. 
Pt: SSRI's? 
CP: Yes. And to help you remember, when you write it down, it actually looks as if the acronym is trying to say "So Sorry". 

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