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Monday, September 25, 2017

Shhh. Listen

I have long been convinced that people blank out when they are waiting for someone to answer the phone. They seem to experience an absence seizure from when the phone starts to ring to when the person answers. I am also fairly certain that businesses could answer the phone with any script or name they desire and the people calling will have no idea. Maybe it's simply that people are expecting a result and, as such, pay no attention to the actual result they get.

Phrom the weekend:
CP: Thank you phor calling CP's Pharmacy. This is CP THE Pharmacist. How may I help you?
Lack Of Listening: Yes. May I speak to the pharmacist please?
CP: Sure. Please hold.
<1 minute later>
CP: Thanks for holding, this is CP THE Pharmacist. How may I help you?
LOL: Is this the pharmacist?
CP: No ma'am. Please hold for the pharmacist.
<2 minutes later>
CP: Thank you for holding, this is the Pharmacist.
LOL: Is this the pharmacist?
CP: Does it really matter?
LOL: You said you're the pharmacist?
CP: A phew times now. How can I help?
LOL: I need a refill.
CP: You need a tech. Please hold.


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