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Saturday, July 30, 2016

(Not) In This Moment

The inanity of it all induces infarcts in my cranium.

CP: Halloa! May I speak to COWING, please?
Confused On Why I Need Gel: Speaking.
CP: This is CP, the great and powerful, all knowing, yet humble pharmacist calling to tell you we are filling prescriptions for you.
COWING: Yes. Good. My doctor said he was sending prescriptions over for me.
CP: Indeed he did. The only trouble is the ointment he prescribed.
CP: We are currently out of stock and must needs order it for tomorrow.
COWING: I see. That is okay. May I ask a question?
CP: I'll give you that one for free but feel free to ask another.
COWING: Why did he give it to me?
CP: Pardon?
COWING: I don't remember ever having a cream before.
CP: Okay. I see this is a new prescription.
COWING: Did he tell you where I'm supposed to apply it?
CP: Hopefully in your house. But on the label, he only told us to write "affected area twice a day".
CP: Hmm, indeed. You did see your doctor today, non?
CP: And you indicated some type of issue to him?
COWING: I guess.
CP: You guess? What did you say was wrong with you?
COWING: I'm not sure.
CP: Ah, there's the rub.
COWING: Phunny.
CP: Good doctor. He can prescribe something to fix something when someone doesn't tell him there is anything wrong. Perhaps you should call him in the morning and find out why he gave this to you. Wouldn't want to act too rashly.
COWING: Good idea.
CP: Thanks. Be sure to let me know too when you come in to pick it up. I'm curious as to how this ends. #ILoveYouForAlwaysDrivingMeInsane

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