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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Somebody's Watching Me

People love to watch us work. After last week's interaction however, I am convinced they watch but do not see. Today's winner in observation is brought to you by Mr. Magoo.

I saw you.
You saw me.
You arrived in line behind 3 other people.
You were 4th in line on Friday, July 1st.
A Holiday weekend.
You stood in line behind 3 people at Drop Off.
You watched 3 people each drop off 3 prescriptions.
You heard 3 people, with 3 Rx's, say they would wait.
You heard my tech give out wait times to each person.
Still you stood.
Still you moved forward in the queue.
The wait times increased accordingly:
25 minutes,
30 minutes,
35 minutes...
Friday at noon on a Holiday weekend...
Then you hear "40 minutes" for your wait time.
You are surprised,
Nonplussed, even!
Your reply?
"I'm going somewhere else where they can do it faster!"

Good! And Good Luck! It's a 10 minute drive to the next closest pharmacy. Where you'll have a 30 minute wait.
On Friday.
Of a Holiday weekend.
At noon.

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