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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Human Mind is Amazing...

...ly stupid. 
Where do people get their expectations of entitlement? 

CP: Sir? Dr. Zoffis called today to renew your inhaler. I am sorry to report we used our last one this morning and have to order another for tomorrow. 
Weird Thinking Frantic Dude: That's okay. 
CP: We shall see you then. 
WTFD: One question. 
WTFD: Did my doctor order more than one at a time? 
CP: He did not. He prescribed one with 5 refills. 
WTFD: I wanted him to write for more. "I'm overdue for it, so shouldn't I be able to get more this time?" (yep. he said that.)
CP: Nope. How does that work exactly? Because you are noncompliant, you now expect what is essentially backpay for work you never did? On top of that, you are now expecting to be compliant going forward? 
WTFD: I just thought I was owed them. I should have been taking them and my insurance pays for one a month. Since I didn't get any the last few months, I wanted to get all of the ones they owe me. 
CP: You are a sad, strange little man. Remember when that one pharmacy was advertising "free antibiotics"?
WTFD: Yes. 
CP: Did you get sick during that time period and require any of the antibiotics they offered? 
WTFD: No. 
CP: Since the promotion ended some time ago, would you believe you are entitled to free antibiotics today? 
WTFD: I don't know. Why? 
CP: By your logic, you were not sick at the time so you could not take advantage of their incredible marketing practices. Since you were not conveniently sick during their promotion, were you to get sick now, I'd expect you to march up to their counter and ask for, nay demand, that they honour their expired promotion. 
WTFD: Why not? 
CP: Because, #ThatsNotHowItWorks
Try this, when your car is low on fuel, you refill it, right? (Preferably, BEFORE you run out.) If you don't fill it in the morning while the price is low and the price jumps $0.40 by evening, you cannot go back and ask for a full tank at the morning's price. See you on the morrow. 

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