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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pharmacy Analogies

Patients call in their own refills. Since people have so many resources readily available to them for initiating prescriptions, they are taking ownership by using them. There are many ways for them to accomplish this - via text, company app, online, email, or, according to some, telepathy. Either way, people, to some extent, are ultimately responsible for their own prescriptions. I know, I know...hard to imagine in this day and age that anyone is responsible for their own actions but we try to remind them of this from time to time.

Getting mad at the pharmacy for filling your prescription that you requested online is like getting mad at Amazon for delivering a Hutzler Banana Slicer 571 that you ordered online after reading really creative reviews on Amazon.com.

Better yet, remember that scene in Austin Powers after Austin is thawed and he is receiving all his valuables?
"One Swedish made penis enlarger... One credit card receipt for Swedish made penis enlarger, signed by Austin Powers...One warranty card filled for Swedish made penis enlarger pump filled out by Austin Powers..."

You ordered it. Now take it!

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