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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sometimes You Have to go Back

CP: Welcome to the Thunderdome. How may I help you? 
Frumpy Little Oaf: I require the filling of this prescription. 
CP: I see. Ah, yes. The ever popular 10/300. I apologise but I do not stock these. 
FLO: I had this problem last time I was here. 
CP: I see that was ... 6 months ago. They haven't gained in popularity since then, I am afraid. 
FLO: What am I to do? 
CP: I, being ever so gracious, shall check another store for you. 
FLO: Delightful. 
CP: Yes. I was able to locate this medication for you. They have it at the store on West Main St. about 10 minutes away. 
FLO: But I just came from there. 
CP: Splendid. So you are familiar. 
FLO: I am. I don't want to have to go back that way. 
CP: I could call another store that is further away if you'd like. 
FLO: What? Why? That doesn't make any sense. 
CP: You did complain you just came from there. I thought, perhaps, you wished to travel in another direction. Since I did not know your intended vector, I chose proximity over the desire to not retrace your route. 
FLO: I just need my medication. 
CP: This does present quite the quandary. 
FLO: You're damn right it does. 
CP: You can either stand here and stare at me, and argue with me, and continue to lose, and still not get any medication until my order arrives in 48 hours or ... you can go back from whence you came and retrieve said medication today. 
FLO: But I just came from there. I drove right past that store.
CP: I guess you should have stopped...

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