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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Remember the post I wrote about the word "JUST"? It's a word people use to trivialise that which they deem insignificant or inferior.
"It's just a refill".
"It's just a flesh wound".

Sometimes, all it takes is one quote to jumpstart my warped little mind.

CP: That'll be $128.67.
Lady: For what? "It's just an antibiotic!"
CP: It is. You also have a deductible to meet so there's that.
Lady: What? I'm not taking this. "It's just an antibiotic."
CP: You keep saying that as if it will make the price change.
Lady: I'm not paying that. There are cheaper antibiotics. It's ridiculous that they should be so expensive. "It's just an antibiotic!"
CP: You, my dear, are racist. Or at least, majorly prejudiced.
Lady: <scoffs, fumbling for words> I. AM. NOT!
CP: You are. These poor little antibiotics have a job to do. They have to work as hard as every other medication. You are a Drug Class Racist. Sure, they may not have the sexy job of inphlating phalluses or kickboxing kancer, but they have a job to do and they do it well. It's too often people don't treat antibiotics the right way and stop taking them when they feel better. You would probably be one of those people. All antibiotics just want to be loved and treated the same as heart and diabetes medications. But you <sniff>, you, <sniff>, you Drug Class Racist people just have to ruin it for them. They're trying to make it in the pharmacy world. Sure, no one is designing new friends for them but dammit, we owe them. Thanks to one moldy orange, you're not like to die from syphilis. Think about that!
Lady: What does syphilis have to do with...
CP: Stop! I'm on a roll. I don't believe all my medications gather round and tell stories in the pharmacy but we don't have them segregated on the shelves for a reason. We don't want them thinking one class is better than the other. Okay, the eye drops are in their own section, but we don't want them to get lost. They're really small, like preschoolers. From now on remember that all medications are "just" as important. Any one of them could be called upon to save your life at some point.
Lady: I never thought of it like that.
CP: Fortunately, most people don't think like I do.

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